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Thursday, May 3, 2012


What a fun trip we took to Arizona!  The reason for the trip was to see Lee's stepsister Alicia get married!!!  We turned it into a visit to see Lee's family as well.  We were blessed to stay in the Princess Resort and at Lee's Dad and stepmom's Casita.  We had deluxe accomodations the entire trip!
Macie kickin' it at the Princess
Tyler meets Macie! 
Tyler and Kevin came over on Friday night and we went out to the pool at the Princess.  Tyler and Macie LOVED hanging out.
Heading to the pool

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny-Macie wears her first bikini
I LOVE flapping my arms

Tyler and Macie.  Tyler gave Macie the robe she is wearing!  So cute!
Hanging out on the hammock

We went to see Cathy and Bobby Wilson on Saturday before the wedding.  Cathy was my mentor in Arizona and has always been like a second mother to me.  She and Bobby wrote our wedding ceremony! :)  Love them so much!
Cathy meets Macie
It was HOT HOT HOT (We remembered why we left Arizona! Whew!) and Macie was in dire need of a bath.  The easiest way to do it was to put her in the jacuzzi tub with me.  She LOVED it!!!!

Macie in her robe and holding her sock Monkey from Tyler

At the cocktail reception before the wedding

We were soooo blessed to have Joyce Cruz watch Macie in our room at the resort!

Auntie Ky and Ty Ty

We LOVE our Tyler Toone!

Beautiful couple

Beautiful Bride and her Dad

On Sunday we went to Kona Grill (My fave!) and to a movie while Lee's Dad Tommy and stepmom Jane watched Macie!  They loved it and we had a little date day! :)

Grandpa Tommy and Macie

Grandma Jane and Macie

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