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Friday, January 25, 2013

Macie's Very First Christmas!

Christmas was so much fun this year.  Having an almost one-year-old just opened our eyes to what it is all about.  We also realized how exciting it was to share the true meaning of Christmas and we had many opportunities to do so!
One night we went downtown and went to Temple Square to see the most beautiful lights!

The Mormon Temple

The Toones. :) BRRRRRRR
We traveled to Arizona to visit Lee's family.  These pics are a little out of order but we went to Scottsdale and to Pine.  Macie and Mommy flew and Daddy drove, knowing we had many presents to take and many more to bring home!
Macie opening Tyler's gift.  A FUN DOGGIE!

Beautiful engraved Snowglobe from Grandmommy!

North Face Coat from Tommy and Jane.  I have honestly worn this thing everyday since.

Pink Monkey from Aunt Jenaynay and Uncle Jay Jay :)

Macie and Aunt Nay Nay
Toone Clan in Scottsdale

Daddy and Macie clowning around.

New Jammies!

Before we left (and before we got REALLY Sick :() we skyped and opened gifts with Grammy and Grampy in Kansas.  This is a book from Aunt Peggy.

Sniffles Elmo and pots and pans from Grammy and Grampy

Grammy and Grampy watch

Macie fell and bumped her head at Grandma and Grandpas.  Mommy was consoling her. :(

Who needs presents?  I love the ribbon!

Christmas Morning!  YEAH!

Skype Christmas
Our small group had a Birthday Party for Jesus.  We all came and decorated Cupcakes and played.  We also brought gifts to give to underprivileged children in Salt Lake.  Loved it!  Thank you Nicki!

L to R:  Liam holding brother Hugo, Zach, Macie, Lucy and Zac

Sign to greet us!

Little macie
Weeee presents!

Macie and Ty Ty in their jammies playing
Here are a few videos. Tyler loved taking them! :) Here's a CUTE one of Macie and Tyler playing with her new cups.
Furry jammies from Grandmommy

Trying to get a fancy pics of the cousins, no bueno for Macie!


Happy now.

Macie looking over the couch

Macie discovering her tongue

One of the highlights of the trip was getting together with Kristi, my dear friend from American Heart Association days in AZ.  She moved to Denver and we were both in Scottsdale visiting family.  I was able to meet her darling daughter Emma Paige and she met Macie.  The girls had so much fun together! :) 
I also got to see Cathy and Bobby briefly.  They are still my favorite mentors/parents from afar. :)   Why didn't I get a picture?????

Again, a little out of order, but here is Macie noshing after our Temple lights tour. :)

Hanging at Gandmommy and Papas.
Climbing up the couch

Found her tongue that day :)

Tyler in her stylin' new outfit at breakfast

Uncle Lee, Tyler and Macie.  I LOVE this pic!  They were all wound up!
The Toone clan in Scottsdale.  L to R: Lee and me, Kevin and Tyler, Jason and Jenny, Tommy and Jane and Ashley and Travis

Tyler and Macie!

Macie at breakfast. 
Here's a little video of us enjoying our first New Years Eve at home with our little party animal. :)

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