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Monday, January 28, 2013

11 months!

So many things have changed in a short month span of time! It is amazing to watch Macie's development, right on track.  She learns things so rapidly now and I am still so grateful that I get to be home to witness it all!  The biggest thing I have noticed this month is that she is able to identify herself and others in pictures, she can model and imitate nearly everything we can do, her signing has improved dramatically, and she is so much more mobile!  Although she has not started walking as yet, she LOVES to pull up to anything and everything!  Another cute behavior is what we have coined the "Steam roller."  She loves to climb and roll over our legs when we are laying down to play with her! 
She loves social situations and loves to be the center of attention.  Although this month she has become increasingly clingy to Mommy and timid around strangers, if Mommy is present she loves to run the show.  I took her to the free library cuddle hour and she had no issue crawling up to and climbing on all the other Mommies!  She would jabber away to the teacher and other kiddos and even crawled to the center of the circle during class!  OH MY!   One day at the nursery at church, she tried to take a toy from Titus, our dear friend's son (this is typical, she loves to steal toys) and Titus swatted her away.  She didn't miss a beat and smacked him back.  Then, they both looked at each other, then at me (I was working in the nursery) and began to cry.  It was actually quite comical. :)  Titus has 4 older siblings so brushing Macie away was no big deal!  :)  Hee hee
I would definitely say that whatever Macie lacks in physicality, she makes up for verbally!  This girl is a talker (who could she take after?) :)  Also, it is so funny to watch her, as she gestures for EVERYTHING!  Her wrists and hands are always twisting and she often twists and wiggles her toys as she's talking (See video below in the crib.  By the way, if you can't view videos from the emails that are sent when I post, just click my actual blog at the bottom of the email to view the posts and videos.  This is the better way to read them actually as the videos don't appear in email)
Macie loves her playroom and so does Mommy and Daddy because she is free to roam!  She also loves her bathtime and we moved her bath down to the basement bathroom so we could make the tub hers.  She loves to look over the tub as I'm filling it and watch her duckies float and tries to climb up over.  She loves to tip over her bucket of letters and could stay in the tub all day!  Speaking of water, she adores swimming and has even begun to dunk her face in the water!  We're starting swimming lessons February 2! :) 
Ok, here are the photos and videos from this month.  Definitely worth watching. :)
Daddy and Macie cheering for KSU in the Fiesta Bowl!

Happy Macie at the birthday party for Jesus
Playing with her new toy from Grandma and Grandpa Toone

Opening her gift from Aunt Holly, Uncle Clint and Aiden. A Minnie Mouse hat with "Macie" embroidered on it for DisneyLand! Can't wait to go!!! She loved the plastic just as much as the hat :)

One of our many musical mornings playing

This one is so funny!  Macie has taken to grunting when she wants to eat our food.  And trust me, she is such a good eater that EVERYTHING we eat looks yummy.  This night, Daddy was eating a lime Popsicle and she thought it was delicious.  Mommy was not a fan of the sugar she was consuming but it was so cute!  Sorry about the noisy tv!

Ok, here is a prime example of her gesturing and jabbering.  One of my all time fave videos! :)

Being "Croaky" while eating!

Grammy and Grampy sent an advent calendar.  She LOVED playing with the little animals and people.  Her favorite piece was the Ethiopian King (yes, one of the kings was believed to be from Ethiopia.)  And NO!  Mommy didn't influence that choice! :)  She carried it around everywhere!

We didn't have a ton of toys until after Christmas (now I could run a preschool!) so mommy had to be inventive on activities.  This was pots and pans day and she was stirring her new legos from Aunt Erin, Uncle Bubba, Hannah and Maddie.


What a cute little tush!

Typical day of eating!

Mommy got Macie her first ornament.  It is an angel and says "Macie Faith 2012"
Every single night without fail (I've never missed one) I have said "Good night my precious angel.  You are my precious gift and blessing from God.  I love you my precious angel." 
Thus, an angel ornament. 

Hanging her ornament from Grammy and Grampy

11 month photo shoot!  Her shirt says "Mommy's Best Gift!"
Ain't that the truth?  Oh man! 

I can't imagine loving anything more than this little ball of joy!
Wanna eat her up!

Yep, she's chomping on the Ethiopian king!

Cutie tutu girl

In her playroom.  Had to get a shot of those thighs and cheeks :)
My little snow princess.

First Snowglobe

NYE at home.  Macie loves to try to feed Mommy and share her pacifier! ha!

Happy birthday Jesus party 

Minnie Mouse hat from Aunt Holly, Uncle Clint and Aiden!

Macie and I went Christmas Shopping in Park City and she was being silly :)

This was her sneaking around when I was wrapping gifts (yes!  All for her!)

The night before we left for Arizona for Christmas, we lost power and were both so so sick.  Daddy was already in AZ and it was C-C-C-O-L-D in our house.  Mommy was afraid we'd need to go to a hotel and finally the power came back on at 2:30 am!  Mommy didn't sleep and had to get up at 6 for the airport. Before bed we played flashlight play.  Macie loved it!

Playin' in her room :)

BIG girl at her play table.  WOW she's big!

Mommy got Macie some Toms with a gift card she got!  They are quite big yet, but after holding up 3 pair, Macie chose these twice!

Oooooh, sparkly Toms!

Opening her first bouncy ball!

On New Year's Eve Day, we went to Hollywood Fun Center.  This was Macie's first carousel ride!  We also played mini golf and let it be known that AGAIN, Mommy beat Daddy fair and square.  Mommy won 9.5 months pregnant last year too! :)

Ok yeah.  MOM FAIL.  I let my child watch Sesame Street or Signing Time daily.  How else can I get anything done? :)  Like take a shower?

Getting ready to go to the mall.  Wearing North Face outfit and Adidas shoes!  Both awesome gifts!

A silly goofy night post-bath and Dennis the Menace hair :)

Jammies from Grammy and Grampy

Opening her birthday gift early!  FUN box of musical instruments from Aunt Holly, Uncle Clint and Aiden (she loves plastic-I know, another Mom Fail) :)

Getting ready to go birthday party shopping in her adorable Gymboree outfit from my dear friend Becke' Stacey Swanson

Looking at plates!

Pulling ALL the books off the shelf at the library after cuddle time

Lunch with Dada

Cracking up at Daddy!

Just chillin

Saying "Mommy, I'm wearing my adoption shirt.  Where is my little brother?"

One of Mommy's favorite pictures ever! :)  Mommy and Daddy love her in jeans!  So cute!

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