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Monday, January 28, 2013

Macie's actual birthday...

I will pen my thoughts on having a 1 year old in another post, but this one will simply contain our fun night at home on her birthday and Macie's first cake!
snacking on puffs to prep for the cake!

A quick pic before the hat went bye bye

Her first sugar.  Sweet Tooth Fairy Gourmet Cupcake!  Vanilla squared!

Hmmm, and what is that?

Going in!

Candle from afar

Going for the icing (like Mommy)

Big Ole' handful of icing!

Love my girl!

We skyped with Grandmommy and Papa and also with my family in Mankato.  Grammy, Grampy, Uncle Bubba, Aunt Erin, Maddie, Hannah, Kerry, Vincent, Gayle, Nathan, Nick, Kaylee, Dana, Peggy, MaKenna, the whole gang was there!

She's over it!
Made Daddy proud!

Opening presents from Mommy and Daddy
Opening her Stroller

She got quite good at opening between Christmas and birthday presents!

Mommy reading Macie's Elmo card to her!

Playing with the stroller Mommy and Daddy got me! And the dolly!
A little side note:  This child was up until 11:30!  SUGAR SHOCK! :)

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