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Monday, April 27, 2015

Ethiopia: Day One-Journey to Levi!

Since we were flying Ethiopian Airlines and the take off  was from DC, we decided to spend a couple of nights there to break up the LONG flights!  Lee had never been there and loves history and museums so why not?  We rode the metro into the Mall area and saw about as much as one can see on foot in one day.  We walked from the Washington Monument to Lincoln Memorial, seeing the World War II and Vietnam Memorials on the way.  My eyes caught the sign for the Holocaust Museum but that would have taken the whole day in itself for me!  We grabbed a cab over the Ford Theater, thinking we could just pop on in.  Now it is all run by tours, so there wasn't even the option to walk across the street to the guest house where Lincoln  passed away, unless you were part of the tour.  SHUCKS!!!!  So we walked all the way back to the mall area, and actually took a nice walk all the way around the White House and Lee said "That's all it is!??? I thought it would be bigger than that! ha!" 

We decided to do two quick museums, so we ventured into the Museum of Natural History and The Museum of American History.  Just touched the tip of the iceberg there!!!  So ready to go back!!!

Here we are getting ready to take off for DC

Washington Monument

Hello Mr. Lincon!

 And when you can't get a tour to Ford Theater, you drink vodka cocktails at noon at Hard Rock Cafe. :)

 The whole plan for our day was to get back to our upgraded suite (that's a long story) and watch Wichita State and Arizona play in the NCAA tourney. :) Forget DC, we had a comfy bed and ordered in!  Big flight tomorrow!!!

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