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Sunday, April 19, 2015


I haven't posted an adoption update for so long because honestly, nothing much was happening.  Slowly we crept up the "list" but we only moved 1-2 spots in months and months.  And then suddenly things began to speed forward.  People above us on the list went "on hold" due to concurrent adoptions and pregnancies.  And suddenly, we were thrust into the 3rd spot.  We knew it was coming.  Our caseworker kept calling us to update things we'd grown lax in doing.  The anticipation was building. 
I should preface this story with some background.  In early October of  2014 we got another call.  It was not what we expected, as we were asked if we would consider the referral of another child that did not fit our specific age and health parameters.  We lamented.  We agonized.  We sought counsel from other families who had adopted children with similar issues.  We talked to the pastor who married us.  We prayed with our small group.  We talked to our dearest adoption friends.  We said "Lord, we will take this child if it is your will!"  We experienced unrelenting fear that dissipated and was replaced with unbelievable assurance.  But there was never true Godly peace.  Each day we would check in with one another and say "Where are you on this?" and most days we both rested firmly on the fence as we started calling it.  50/50.  It just wasn't what we had always imagined, the call wasn't joyful, it was apprehensive.  We weren't excited.  It just didn't feel right.  And so, on October 24, 2015, a Friday night, we decided our answer was "No."  This was just not our son.  We called our caseworker that Monday morning and gave her our answer.  There was nothing but support on the other end of the phone line.  And stay tuned, because this story has a wonderful ending.  We prayed for that baby boy daily.  Macie prayed for him.  And prayers were answered.
And then, our REAL CALL would come!  And it would be everything we had anticipated and more!  And the fury of paperwork completion would begin again.  And joy and light would pierce through our dark year.
It was November 11, 2014.  Veterans Day.  I was already thinking of my Daddy so much that day, his service and love of his country.  It couldn't have been more fitting.  Since the previous call I quit watching my phone obsessively.  It was no way to live, constantly staring and waiting, so I decided to let life be and as everyone said, the call would come when we least expected it. 
I was pulling into the garage about 1:30 ish when the phone rang.  I remember thinking "well it's 4pm in Virgina (where our agency is) so don't think the call is coming today."  I saw the "703" area code but since we had been talking to our caseworker so much I didn't totally freak out.  It was the most inopportune time, it was nap time, I needed to get Macie down but I took the call anyway.  Elise said "Kylie? This is Elise.  Has anything changed with your family?  Pregnancy? Job? Adoption status?"  Of course then I knew and I screamed "No!"  She said "Do you have time to chat?" (No, not really but of course I do!") She proceeded to tell me that there was a 5 months old little boy who they would like to match to us.  I was jumping up and down and trying to get Macie inside to go potty for her nap.  Elise tried conferencing Lee but had his old number, and while I was on hold I was able to tend to Macie somewhat.  She came back on and I had to scramble for Lee's new number, because we all know we don't truly know people's phone numbers anymore.  Again, she put me on hold to conference Lee in and I put Macie in bed.  I knew that would backfire because she likes to wind down, sit on the couch and read before nap.  I literally put her in and walked away to hear her crying upstairs.  I found myself thinking I hoped Elise couldn't hear her or she may not give me this child! :)  I ran to the basement and Lee was on now.  She proceeded to tell us our sons story (which we won't share in detail here) and we said "Can we say yes now?"  She wanted us to review his file and take a day or two to think and pray on it.  There was no thinking needed!  I don't even remember what all she said at that point, my heart was racing and my head was swimming!  We hung up and Lee and I stayed on the line and talked some more!  Lee had meetings so we would talk later.  I didn't look at his picture because I had this idea in my head and thought my husband agreed, that we would only look at our referral together. I had wanted to freshen up, and set up the video camera, get a video of us looking for the first time.   In a couple hours I got a text that said "Our son" with his picture!  Lee had already looked! I was waiting for HOURS to see him!!! CRAZY! I so wanted to do it together, but got over it quickly as I saw him and KNEW that was our son!


I began making calls and sending the photos to family.  We couldn't post any online for months until we passed court in Ethiopia!  At that point we began printing off all the paperwork to begin working on the referral acceptance process.  We had a big check to write and tons of agreements to sign.  We also had to contact our pediatrician to review his medical paperwork.  We were going to be busy!  We chose instead to pause and enjoy the call and happiness for those days!  Let me tell you how wonderfully joyful it was to call our friends and family and let them know but also agonizing to now be able to share online with those who had been following our story until all the calls were made!
I wish I remembered more detail to share but it seems to all be a blur.  And Yes, I was able to get Macie calm and to sleep. 
JUMP AHEAD 4 months to our first trip to Ethiopia.   Remember that first referral call?  Well, one of our prayers was that we would get to meet him and see him with his family.  And guess what?  THAT HAPPENED.  We saw him GO HOME with them and we knew we had sought the Lord and He brought the best family for that precious boy.  He was a joy and we loved him too.  He was prayed for us all along.
And the other amazing story?  We had decided on October 24th, that we would say no to our other referral. We would later learn that that was the SAME DAY that our son came into the care of our agency.  Elise received all of his referral paperwork THE VERY MONDAY that we said no!  Our baby arrived as we made the decision to wait for him.  The details in how God orchestrated it are undeniable and still blow me away!  Isn't that just like the Lord to just go big when He does something!?
Family of 4
She is soooo b-cited!!!
Daddy signing "YES!"
A little teary. :)
Writing the BIG check. :) Easiest check I've ever written!

God is Good.

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  1. Kylie!!! I totally cried. What an incredible story - and those first pics of your baby boy - I cannot even fathom how it felt to see him! He's SO precious. And I just LOVE the story of the other child - I'm so glad that you got to see him and that his perfect family found him! Just unbelievable - all of it! CONGRATULATIONS and I look forward to watching you bring him home in just a few short weeks! Lots of love and hugs!!