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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Journey to Levi- Saturday March 28

A little more on this day.  After our long flight, we made our way through the LONG line at customs and another long line to get our visas, we found Yonas, our guide, waiting for us.  After we checked-in our guest house and rested a bit before we went to lunch and then met our boy!
After no food, and dehydration and motion sickness, I got anxious and sick and dizzy.  We went to lunch at Makrush and bought a pricey piece of art and a pizza. :) This classy restaurant holds local artists' work.  It is a gallery and wonderful restaurant in one.  I had my first Pizza with dark meat chicken (of many) and VERY cooked veggies to be safe.  I began to feel better as I drank water and ate real food after eating all gluten free granola bars etc. The owner even teased me that my pizza was the very first one he had ever made without cheese.  Ha!  Welcome to my world friend!!!
Lee had beef peppered tips and we both felt much better.  After an hour nap we headed to meet our son!!! I was overwhelmed the moment our plane landed in Addis and a lifelong dream was realized.  Again I cried as the children stormed our van.  And when a 4-5 year old girl kissed my face and said
"I love" I melted and I loved her right back.  She will always own a piece of my heart.  And a story of the Transition Home would no be complete without Mr. Friendly 1 and Mr. Friendly 2, brothers who just craved your arms draping over their shoulders.  BIG WHITE SMILES from ear to ear.  ALWAYS.  Then there was "CAMO" as we called him because he ha on camo pants most of the time.  Then there were the toddlers beating on the glass in their room,looking out on us where they would call  "Ababu" over and over.  And then we saw "L', the happiest sweetest boy who has a family we would soon meet and a great answered prayer would occur after a heartbreaking failed adoption, he would become their redemption and we got to witness it with our own eyes.

Then they brought you out and the blubbering started.  You were timid and shy and leery to come to your new mama.  I took a step back so you could just check us out, but soon the years of longing for you in my arms took over and I immediately reached for you with no longer a reservation.  We loved you immediately and without hesitation.  You were overloaded and fell easily asleep on us both those next two days.  I can't imagine what that little brain is trying to process.  It was ok for you to sleep in and cuddle with me, for that had been my prayer all along.  To have a snuggly boy!

The Platts arrived next, and met their sweet Abigar.  After playtime we went back to the guest house and ordered a bag burger from the delivery joint next door and decided not to eat it and Daddy made Raman noodles and we cuddled to sleep by 7:00 pm, while listening to the sounds of the Saturday night Club scene and dogs barking. :)

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