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Sunday, September 18, 2011

LAKE POWELL with the fam!

Haven't blogged for ages, so a lot of things will be in reverse. :) I started with our most recent shenannigans...We took a trip to Lake Powell from September 7-11 with Lee's family. Lee's stepdad Ken rented us a houseboat and we traveled in style! It was so much fun to explore the nooks and crannys of Lake Powell. We also rented a speedboat so were able to go where big boats can't go.
We had lots of crazy stories... The boys were supposed to go scope out a docking spot and got lost for 4 hours! Now its funny, but at the time, it was NOT. We were quite worried as we had no way to communicate with them (radio wasn't working well) and no one brought a cell phone. Us women were on the big boat and felt fortunate to have a bathroom, kitchen and be safe and joked that if we'd have planned the excursion, everyone would have had a cellphone, water, food and a plan. :) Luckily, we found the boys and they made it back to us safely (except Lee got VERY boat sick!)

Cool Mayan Ruins that we boated/hiked to.
Amazing creation!
An arch is forming...
God's artistry
Lake Powell is SOOOO big. It has more coastline than the west coast of the US or something like that. :) Anyway, if you look at a map you'll see that it has thousands of "fingers" and it is very easy to get lost in there!
Breath taking views!

Lots of angles for photos
Lee, Kylie and 6-months cooked Baby girl T. :)
Alicia and Scott
Exploring the "fingers" of Lake Powell
Going back into no-man's land!
Lee and Ken (Lee's awesome stepdad!)
Bros...Lee and Kevin
Lee and his Mommy Gail (notice our adoption shirt)
I will squish your head! :)
Being silly on our hike to the ruins
Ken and his daughter Alicia
Boat ride to ruins
This is one of my ALL TIME fave pics! Lee LOVES his niece Tyler Toone and she loves him!
Life is good
Driving the boat!
Tyler took this! :)
US at our docking spot. We had to stay here two nights to wait for maintenance at the marina...we lost one of our engines, which meant we couldn't go very far or go very fast
Our house on water
The boat
Scott, Alicia, Tyler and I traveled via boat to Rainbow Bridge National Monument. We hiked 1/4 mile and checked out this amazing site! So beautiful!
We arrived at 8 am and NO ONE ELSE was there yet! It was so calm, peaceful and uninhabited. :)
Alicia, Kylie and Tyler
Tyler wanted to pick these for her Daddy, but since its a National Monument she couldn't, so instead we snapped a photo. :)
leaving the monument
Our niece the model :)
Aunt Kylie and Tyler photo shoot
Pretty girl!
Uncle Lee, Auntie Kylie and Ty-Ty
What a fun trip! It was great to be able to spend lots of quality time with Lee's family! We just don't get enough time with them! :) Thanks to Ken for organizing the trip! :)

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