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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cali-Part 3! San Diego Zoo!!!

Admittedly, my computer woes have caused great difficulty in compiling the vast amount of photos taken of our little angel.  Between 2 laptops (one that has a broken spacebar yet contains the majority of the photos), another that runs slower than molasses, an iphone that died yet holds the majority of the cell phone pics, a new iphone, a bloggie camera with photos and videos and a regular camera, you can imagine the great undertaking it has been to condense said photos into one attainable and organized place.  Whew!

FINALLY, I see the light at the end of the tunnel, as I have spent the past weeks just organizing and creating folders of photos so that once my beloved DELL decides to bite the dust (after the great "Backup and Restore of 2012") it is backed and saved on thumbdrives.  That said, I failed to include some photos of our trip to California, and since my intent has always been to one day transform this blog into a book for my children, I had to include them.  Thank you for bearing with my crazy posts, the videos and photos were completely out of order, but as long as it took to upload them, I had to just be satisfied with where they wound up. :)

The rest of this post includes more photos of our trip, including the awesome day at San Diego Zoo!  Macie just HAD to see the Pandas (or maybe Mommy did!) :)

First time her feet ever touched salt water!

Another photo of me and my bestie going out!

And another. I love this one!

LIttle AC chillin' in the backsweet!

I love this photo!  Clint and Holly with our kiddos!

Hi Mama, I love playing with Aiden!

Look at that happy excited face!
Grandpa feeding me at the restaurant, first night in Carlsbad.

Traveling by train is exhausting.


On my run!


Hanging out at Grandpa and Grandma's

So close to crawling!

There he is!  PANDA!

First time watching Sesame Street.  She's HOOKED!

Playing on the beach!

LOVED the sand running through her fingers

With Mommy at the zoo!
Sleeping duirng the monkeys!


Where's Mr. Panda go?

There he is!

POOPED on the way home from the zoo!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the trip to the zoo and all the goodies!

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