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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Visit from the fam'

How fun to have Lee's family come visit in early October to do wedding prep for Jennifer and Jason's wedding in June! Lee, Macie and I were lucky enough to tag along for wedding dress shopping (can't post pics! Sorry! :), cake tasting, flowers and dinner at Tuscany, where the wedding will be! FUN!
Big girl in a high chair at a Mexican joint!
Jason feeding Macie!
Waiting at Tuscany
Mommy and Macie Faith (she was sticking out her tongue.  Apparently she doesn't like fancy restaurants)
Ooooooh!  Aunt Nay Nay looks pretty in wedding dresses!

To die for wedding cake!  The winner?  Champagne cake!
With Grandpa
Yum yum din din at Tuscany!

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