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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Macie's First Halloween

For Halloween this year, we got to do so many fun things!  One of them was attending "Boo at the Zoo!"  It was a fun event where kiddos dressed up and trick-or-treated at the different exhibits.  We were excited to take Macie since we had wanted to take her to the zoo anyway, and especially wanted to see the new "Polar Shores" exhibit.

Daddy and his little Daisy

our little daisy :)

Mommy and her little Daisy

lazy feeding.  Just prop it up on the stroller!

Just could eat her! :)


Halloween night  was so much fun!  We carved pumpkins and attended a fun carnival at Calvary Baptist Church!  Macie of course was mostly interested in eating the pumpkin innards.  :)
When we got home, we handed out candy to the neighbor kids and our friend Emma came over to visit and trick or treat!
Daddy's ghost peeking out of a door

Daddy and our little flower.  Mommy found this costume at a consignment sale for 6 bucks after having picked it out it at Babies R Us for $40!  A little big, but can't beat 6 dollars for one night of wear! :) 

Cutest.  Daisy.  Ever.

Macie's pumpkin

Mommy carved two sides.  This was the silly spooky side.

This was the "Slimer" from Ghostbusters side

Ooooooh!  Halloween!

Pumpkin guts hanging off my face.


Mommy and my fave' little flower!

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