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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


What an amazing 4th of July weekend.  FINALLY, I was able to meet my BEST adoption friend, DEBB!  We've been close since we first happened upon each other's blogs and information in the adoption community.  We instantly clicked and if you recall I have written about her many times in this blog.  This girl and I have ridden the adoption roller coaster together, she has been my prayer warrior, confidant, late night giddy gab partner, and amazing spiritual sister.  Just love her.  FINALLY life brought her to Salt Lake City with her husband and her boys!  It was surreal to finally meet Sami and Kaleab, after having watched their journey to eachother unfold over the past few years! WOW!!!
The first night we were able to go to a Real Salt Lake Professional Soccer game.  Sami is quite the soccer star so watching the game through his eyes was a tear jerker!  We got to go down on the "pitch" after and watch the fireworks on the field.  A first time for him to walk on a real soccer field and a first fireworks for both boys.  CHILLS!
The night of the 4th, we went to Tracy and Randall's house which is only 10 minutes away.  Tracy and I are close friends and traveled together to the adoption conference in March.  We all are with America World Adoption Agency and Debb and Tracy traveled at the same time to Ethiopia to go to court so they were able to reunite!  Amazing small world!  We had a fun backyard bbq and the kids got to run around together!  So fun!
Sami, Debb, Jeff and Kaleab
All the kids (minus Macie who was getting a diaper change)
Macie and Kaleab (MELT MY HEART)
After the BBQ, we headed back to our house for fireworks!  The Marquez family brought the illegal kind you can't shoot in Utah and well, we shot them!  It was so fun watching Sami and all his silly jokes.  He was sooo much fun and sneaking up behind me with sparklers and poppers.  Love that boy (we still text about Soccer scores etc.)
Debb and Jeff and the boys were in town for Glenn Beck's Man in the Moon event.  Lots of events about getting America back on track from what its founding fathers intended, focus on God and repairing the damage we've done.  We were able to tag along and attend some events, including the Saturday night "Man in the Moon" amazing event!  It had fireworks, and crazy Audio-Visual theatrics (Lee was in his element!) and told the story of man and God.  Amazing!  I was amazed how Kaleab sat on his Mama's lap and we had to get a babysitter for Mace! ha ha!
Sadly, we had planned to eat Ethiopian food Friday night and on my way there was when Macie and I got into our wreck on I-15.  We had to go home and get settled and missed dinner. :(  I missed some events Saturday day, I was just sore and weepy but we were able to spend some more time with them Sunday night in their hotel (which was my fave! Just hanging out and talking!)
Is this not the most precious picture you've EVER SEEN?  Our precious children we ACHED for, reading together? AWWWWW!
Lee with Randall and Jeff at the BBQ
Debb, Tracy and Me (AMAZING adoption support gals!)

I JUST met her for the first time!!!!  AMAZING. 
What an awesome woman of God this gal is!

At Man in the Moon
It POURED rain!
The man in the moon telling about Hitler :(
Noah and the ark!
Afterwards, the wait to get out of the amphitheater lot was SO LONG, we ate cupcakes!  I had bought them for Debb's birthday from Sweet Tooth Fairy, who won Cupcake Wars on Food Network! :)  They have the fanciest, yummiest cupcakes!  We just sat out on the cars and ate!  It was YUMMO!!!!

Stuffing our faces! 

What an AMAZING weekend!  We can't wait to get together again!  Hopefully it will be soon and we can go to Boise too! :) 

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