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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Update of Miss Macie! 12-16 months

It's been forever since I updated on my beloved child.  I cannot believe the explosion of growth that has occurred since she turned one!  Oh my goodness! 
LOTS of photos and LOTS of (short) videos!  If you are reading this from an email update you won't be able to view the videos so be sure to click the blog link at the bottom of the email or here
 to actually watch the videos via the actual blog site. :) 
I know there are a ton, but they are SO cute and so worth it!  All in all only about 5-6 minutes of viewing. :)
 Here are some fun things she started doing!
1.  Macie loves to play the "wa wa wa" game with her hand on her mouth!  She lets us tap her mouth to do it too and giggles.
2.  She continues to try dance and music classes and shakes her booty!  she loves to sway and dance
3.  Sign language begins to take off and she starts to crawl to her high chair and sign "eat"
4.  She loves the nursery at church but loves to steal toys from other kids!
5.  She loves to clap when the band is done playing at church and talk and wave to EVERYONE!
Here she is at about 13 months. 

Getting into EVERYTHING.  Found Daddy's beer!

Love this face!

"Helping Mommy"

Doing some yoga

My little sprout at Sprouts

Play date with the Swilors.  Rocking horse!

Valentine's day sweetie

Um yeah. It finally happened.  She found the toilet paper!

Checking out the latest fashions for summer. :) Good thing Grandmommy sends us a gift card every season! :)

Daddy and Macie being soooooo Silly!!!!
Playing pasta with mama

14 months pics

Dance Class!

Breakfast with Daddy! So silly!

March Madness time!

Sleeping beauty

warm spring day, playing in the grass and dirt

Dirt face

Ummm, yeah, she can pull the safety baby-proof stuff out.  NOT a fan of Safety first outlet protectors.  Hmmmmm

Making a sensory jar with mommy.  Add cool stuff, then glitter and water and a bottle appears!

Spring day at the zoo

Our crew...Melissa and Zac, Nicki with Lucy and Zac, Marybeth (MB) with Liam and Hugo and Me with Macie
First time swinging!!!
 15 and 16 months photos
At this point Macie's signing just took off.  We worked really hard, along with the "Signing Time" videos and she started to have 40 words of sign!  She loves to "feed" mommy and daddy toys and imitate and model what we do.  She leans in to kiss Daisie and holds her stuffed animals and dollies like babies.  She also started to color on everything, including the white cupboard in the kitchen (with a red crayon).  She also began to get some 'tude as she figured out how to say "no no."  First fall was with Daddy in March, when she reached for a toy that fell out of the tub and got a bloody lip and nose!  YIKES!  She begins to find out that words mean things.  She says "Uh-oh" when dropping things and "thank you" to clerks at stores (signed.)  She is starting to get sassy.  Mom told her a wood chip at the park was "YUKKY" and she said "Gooda gooda" and kept licking it and laughing.  STINKER!!!
Just short of 16 months she walked!  (See video)  She has fallen in love with swinging at the park by this point!  She also traveled to her first national park with Aunt Amy and Uncle Brett (see ZION post).  As soon as she began to walk she LOVED to play the "chase me daddy" game and run away. 
A couple of funny stories:
Once while shopping at the grocery store, Macie got a little fussy.  I told her to breathe and take some deep, stress management breaths and as I inhaled she did the same thing.  There is a video you HAVE to watch.  She is so smart!

Also, one day I said "ducks say quack quack" and macie signed "Crackers" and laughed I said "NO! Not crackers, QUACK!" she signed crackers again! :)  It was sooo cute! 
Learning to brush our teeth

Drinking bubbles

My cutie

LOVES swinging

Heading to the pool in her itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini

Fishing day with friends

Sliding with Laken

For some reason I had 2 hours of uninterrupted cuddle time this day.  My heart was weary and sad waiting for our little Ethiopian and she must have sensed it.  BLISS!

Little baby with the flu in May.  Pedialyte.  Poor babe.

Rare nap together

Tyler was here for the wedding and took some pics

Cute cousins

Sidewalk art!

Playdate with Lucas and Whitney at liberty park

My busy busy girl

a family hike


Trying on the flower girl dress

Too cute I can't stand it!

Our friends gave us their bike seat!


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