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Thursday, October 10, 2013


Going to see Grammy and Grampy is so much fun!  Since our blizzard trip in Feb. was cut short, we decided to come back in July!  We did so many fun things and stayed 2 weeks!  It was so much fun!
YAY! We made it!
If you watch nothing more EVER on my blog, watch THIS VIDEO (click the TOONEFAMILYJOURNEY link at the bottom if you are viewing from email and it will take you to the actual blog to watch). Its precious. Grampy and Macie. This is why she calls him "Googagooga". It's because he says "Boogie Woogie" and she remembers this day. :)
My baby went crazy walking in the airport... NO FEAR and NO NEED of Mommy!
A video of piano with Grammy
One day we went shopping and Macie had a melt down. Grammy took her out to stomp in rain puddles. She loves it!
LOVES to wear her sparkly TOMS
Riding rides at the mall!
Bubbles with Grampy
YAY this is fun!
Pool time!
Grammy took me to the mall and let me ride the rides SIX times!!!!
LOVES this little doggie!
Eating lunch with Grammy and pouring milk on her head. 

Dump the bucket

Reading the Sunday paper with Grampy

Grammy got her a pool!

Her first VERY OWN cup of braums yogurt! YUM!

Got to see my best high school girls while home.  We stayed up till 2 am gabbing at Amber's parent's house.  It was so fun!!!!

Aim, Ky, Steph
Another highlight was going to my dear friend Brenda's house and playing with her boys!  She recently came home with Kaleb, her second boy from Ethiopia!

Kaleb loved Macie and chased her.  She wasn't having it!

Brenda blessed me with so many gifts, including a bag of Ethiopian coffee!
We went to Exploration place and although we were pushing naptime, Macie had a great time!

Looking at the wind wall with Grammy



Known this girl since we were 3!

We went to Sedgwick County Park, which is an awesome park! 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!
We went up to Mankato over night too and Macie got to try on a cousin's cowboy hat!

And of course, the ZOO!!!!

Really cool Africa area.

Mace loved this dude!

Yeay Monkeys!
Swinging with Grampy and Grammy
Playing Ghost!
Mommy and Macie at the Exploration Place Castle!

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