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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


So fun to get to meet Aunt Amy and Uncle Brett on their vacation this summer!  We drove about 5 hours down to meet them at Zion National Park, Macie's first National Park experience!  Uncle Brett was such a trooper to carry Macie on his back during all our hikes.  We had fun hanging out at our rented house at night and Macie proved to be very exciting entertainment! ha ha!!!

Daddy had planned to come but at the last minute had to work for the whole weekend.  We were so sad he couldn't join us...

But we loaded up, just us gals and headed out anyway.

Stopped for lunch on the way...

My sweet face

Breakfast-pancakes and eggies

Mom is loading up food in our rental house fridge!

Sweet house!


Majestic view!

Hiking is HARD work

Having a brew with the locals after our hike on mother's day!

Pretzel bread grilled chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries

Goofin' around

Awesome house we rented

Aunt Amy and Uncle Brett's room

Uncle Brett, aka "Superman" (after a tour group of foreigners called him Superman while we walked by.  Soo funny, but probably had to be there to get the hilarity!)

Restin' a spell


SO SWEET!  Can't wait to see Uncle Brett as a DADDY to his own little girl!!!
 Click here to view videos if you are reading this from email...
Macie ate a yogurt pop and was CRAZY from the sugar. She had just started walking so she was deliriously falling and walking after the treat! She had had no nap so she was pooped!!!! Click
More delirious!

And one more...

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