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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Maddie and Hannie stay with us for 9 days!

It had been a rough few weeks for their little family... the Colin family had seen its fair share of stress.  Grammy and Grampy were planning to watch Maddie and Hannah for the week that Brad and Erin (my brother and sister in law) had planned their Alaskan Anniversary cruise.  I offered to watch the girls since they desperately NEEDED the trip and it would be a chance for us to hang out with our nieces/cousins!  Of course we did!  It was fun to take them places they'd never been and don't have up in Montana and let their parents relax and enjoy their wonderful trip!
LOTS and LOTS of sprinkler pool play

Hannah is read to go in for lunch "ooooooh"

The girls LOVED to scream LUUUUUNCH!


Someone was so tired she didn't make it!

Cute video of Maddie making Macie laugh

The night their parents got home we took them to McDonalds, or as Maddie calls it "Old Macdonalds"  ha

dropping popscicle sticks into milk jugs

One on one time painting with Maddie

One day my bestie Nicki brought her two over, Zac and Lucy.  So we did an all kid shot!

Poking sticks through plates

Nicki brought popscicles

Macie doesn't like the group photo apparently.

Painting girl

My attempts at art

Daily water table time was had by all

They would scream "LUUUUNCH"


The twins playing in the watertable. :)

Best of buddies

The twins

See I really did put clothes on them! :)  SO MUCH WATER PLAY there was a lot of diaper time!

We took them to a local park and they had a free outside movie.  So much fun!  Snacks and drinks-- we were set!

My Maddie

Hannah loved it!

Camped out for the movie

One day we took daisie for a walk
double baths

Maddie slept in bed with me each night. :)
Macie and Hannah LOVES trying on clothes and shoes

We took the girls to Wheeler Farms.  The highlight and all she wanted to do was pet the pony.  They  had a miniature pony you could pet.  Maddie loved it!!! (whenever we asked afterwards what was her favorite part, she said "petting the pony!" :)

She also pet goats and rabbits

Petting bunnies

Hi Hannie!
We took Maddie to her very own carousel.

Painting the driveway with H2O

These girls are buddies and look alike!

Hot days!

CUTE video of Maddie making Macie giggle
When Brad and Erin returned from Alaska, they watched Macie one evening so Lee and I could go out to dinner and a movie!   Erin took them out to stomp in rain puddles.  Happy girls. :)
More pics at "OLD MACDONALDS"
So glad we got to keep the girls and have some quality time with them! :)  Miss them already and love that we can SKYPE! Can't wait till Christmas!

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