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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Family vacation!

When my non-traveling hubby says "Hey! Let's go somewhere" You go!  We drained our vacation fund to go to my favorite place on the planet...Grand Lake, CO!  We talked about going to Telluride, or somewhere else, (even Florida) but well, you can't take mountain-loving-hippies out of the mountains.  Lee didn't get to go with me when I went there as my last Colorado hurrah before moving, so he jumped at the chance to make the 10 hour drive and see a little slice of heaven.
The lake (and Daisie Lou)

Letting Macie explore


Pine needles are pokey!

Love this pic!

The town

Dinner stroll

Heading into Rocky Mountain National Park the next day


Is there anything more beautiful than Colorado?


Trail Ridge Road
In the visitors center (walking like she's heard Mama say "don't touch" a few times!)
Right before our dinner melt down-to which we left, bought food to go and ate by the lake with some wine.  BEST PLAN EVER.  SO FUN!



I found the most amazing hiking trail and ran it one day.  Then we hiked to see the waterfalls the last day before we left.  I seriously could live here forever and picked up a real estate magazine.  Someday, this is where we will retire. 
Rocky Mountain National park
Colorado=my geographical soulmate
Is this real?
At the top of the world!

Lunch at Steamboat Springs on the way.  First Grilled Cheese
Heading down by the lake with our food!


Hiking at the falls!
The fam!

Where I stopped for a spell to soak. it. in.



So glad Daisie Lou came!  She loves it too!

Are you freaking kidding me?  My trail run here?  Paradise!
Dinosaur National Monument Petroglyphs
Baby and Mama breakfast
Ice Cream averts melt downs-MMMMMM
Homestead built by a sassy and strong willed lady on Dinosaur Monument land
Um Yeah.  So I think when they designed this magnet it was for me.
Time to head home. :(
Melt down? So go to the lake and eat!
On my run.  I couldn't be more in my happy place.
Yep.  I'm a tree hugger
My trail.  Its official...I could die here.
Daisie Lou in Macie's car seat while we went to Dinosaur National Monument

(or at least until we are old and retire there...)

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