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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jennifer's shower!

I was so blessed to be able to throw a bridal shower for Lee's little sister, Jennifer the day before her wedding day here in Salt Lake!  Working with her Maid of Honor, Katey and I successfully threw a tea-party shower in my back yard!  After a rough week of the horrible stomach flu (all 3 of us had it!) we miraculously pulled it off!  We had a morning brunch shower and it was a blast!!!
Tyler demonstrating tea-pouring
Fruity drinks, pastries, muffins
Pretty flowers!
Water bottle labels with various sayings about the "Love Birds"
A scrapbook I made to sign in with advice
A picture of Jennifer with each guest was added
Gifts and flowers
Downton Abbey themed garden tea-party!
Things hanging in the trees!
Playing a "how well do you know Jason and Jennifer" game
Tyler and the bride
Opening the gifts
Jenny and Erin
Jenny with Jason's mom
Jenny and her mom Jane
Grandma, Jenny and Ty Ty
Jenny and I
Jenny and Her MOH Katey
That night we hung out and played.  Here is Tyler and Macie playing sand box, they love each other!
Kevin and I playing badminton

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