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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Our little Adventure...

Our attempt to visit Grammy and Grampy last February was thwarted by the unpredictable Kansas weather.  After an unseasonably dry and warm winter, the Blizzard of the century struck, you guessed it, just as we made our journey to Kansas.  Having left Salt Lake City, we were delayed a couple of hours.  I knew a storm was coming, but since we were connecting in Dallas, I figured we'd make it.  Well, we missed our connection in Dallas, and I got off the plane with no knowledge that our flight to Wichita (and all flights for that matter) was CANCELLED.  We were STUCK.  After hours of trying to get re-routed to Manhattan and Topeka where family could rescue us, and even trying to fly standby back to Salt Lake, I was determined to NOT spend the night in Dallas, where I knew no one.  I finally got us on a late flight to Kansas City, after a full day in the Dallas airport, full well knowing we'd be luggage-less, I didn't have a carseat, and would be stuck in KC, since we already knew the roads in and out of Wichita were closed.  Mom and Dad couldn't have even dug their car out of the driveway or street.  So after a LONG and stressful day, we made it to Kansas City.  There were so many blessings that day!  The Ethiopian clerk who shared her story of coming to the US, the lady in baggage claim who gave me a phone charger when my phone was dead and my charger was lost!  To the shuttle driver from the hotel who drove us to walmart to get supplies, and the COUNTLESS family, friends and strangers who offered us rides and lodging!  How loved we felt!  We opted to just hole up in a nice hotel to not put others at risk with bad roads with an indoor pool and a restaurant across the street and hunker down for the winter until Grammy and Grampy could rescue us.  I have to say it was one of the most blessed times of my life.  No luxuries, we bought swimsuits and an extra pair of jammies for Macie and made the best of our Staycation.  Swimming, me working out in the nice workout room in the hotel (wearing my only shoes mind you-Uggs!) and snuggling in bed and watching movies while it snowed was a blessing.  Macie was happy with a new hotel room to explore and was SUCH A TROOPER!  Even at the airport she couldn't have been better!  It was a bonding time where we had to give up control and just be content. :)
One of my favorite memories of my life with my child. :)
At the airport-No nap!

At Walmart-late at night, mommy getting supplies, SO tired.  What a trooper!

Making lemonade from lemons! We got swim suits!

We're doing just fine everyone! :)

Not much to do but play with toilet paper!

FINALLY we were rescued and stayed the night in Manhattan at Aunt Peggys (roads were bad to go home)

Tired baby with Grammy and MaKenna

Dirty baby, just got to Grammys and STILL no luggage. :)

Awww! Clean and new clothes!

GRAMPY and Macie playing.

Macie Loves Grampy!


HAPPY to be safe!

Dinner with Kerry and Jen!

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