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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Miss Macie update- 16-20 months

How do I summarize the amazing growth I have experienced watching her these last few months?  I was beginning to be concerned that signing was taking over her ability to speak verbally.  Her pediatrician said not to worry that one day her words would come and explode.  And he was RIGHT.  At about 19 months she began to speak more and more, saying things like "mm-oo" and "nigh-nigh" and by 20.5 months, I would say she learns 2-3 new words a day and can repeat everything we say!  Even when naming Sesame characters and hearing me say "Rosita" she says "ROOSATEETA!" :)  Macie loves to bring us toys and books, although she will not sit still long enough to be read to.  :)  She loves to make a series of three faces while eating, squinty eyes, a smile and then a surprised look.  It is hilarious that it follows the same sequence each time!  :)  She loves to look at her "yooks" and pulls them off her shelf several times daily.  Mommy made her a play wallet b/c she loves pulling credit cards and cash out of mommies.  
It has become increasingly difficult to please her in the eating department.  For so long I had the baby who would eat ANYTHING I put in front of her, including California rolls and hummus.  Well, the picky toddler eating has begun!  Mommy finally broke down and got her first happy meal.  Ugh, I feel like I'm feeding her junk but I try to present a protein, carb, fruit and veggie at every meal.  Even if it is just cheese, black olives and whole wheat bread.  *SIGH* :)
I had the realization the other day that Macie Faith is the same age as the toddlers I taught when I was a "Stretch-n-Grow" coach.  Yes, I started at 18 months! I have recently begun to try to do some of the moves I taught those babies, kick, march, stand on one leg, jump, be a tree, fly like a bird, skip, etc.  Its amazing that my child is old enough to do this and I'm thrilled to work with her!  I think I pushed the dance class too early, she was pretty unruly in class (never have had the baby that sits still in music class, library story hour or dance), as she was angry and frustrated to not be "free."  Talk about a free spirit!  Now, I'm thinking it may be time to try again.  She won't sit still for some of it, but I really think she can do all the moves now!  She was getting arabesque and plie' and releve' way back when!  It's so much fun!

Stylin' girl with a matching hat (that won't stay on longer than 30 seconds) :)

Our sweet friends the Stahlers gave Macie their old kitchen!  Macie LOVES IT!

Having an ice cream

Having a spot of tea in honor of the Royal baby

On our way out of town for camping, we stopped at Cabbelas.  Macie LOVED the fish!

A case of strep throat after camping.  Poor baby!

Little monkey!

Love this face. 

She owns my heart.

Her eyebrows raised surprised face!
She loves her boots!

Boots and bum

Reading in her "oots"

She loves trying on clothes and decided it would be fun to pull out one of mommy's nighties :)
Beautiful pillowcase dress grammy made.  it started as a hand made pillow case embroidered by my grandma.  how special to be made by 2 grandmas!

Asleep on our run

Sporting some Toms.  She looks like a school girl!  Sniff sniff

On our run, seeing Zuri the Zebra

Praying to Jesus :)

Putting Little pink bear in her milk.  "OH NO!" she exclaimed!

First swimming lessons

These boots were made for walkin'

My chiropractor gave her her first sucker!

Mommy I love it!

She seriously learned this in dance class.  We would go to the barre and do arabesque. 
She can do it.  LOVE IT! 
To view videos make sure you click on the link at the bottom of the email (if you are viewing from email updates!)  IT's worth watching them.  I apologize for the amount of videos.  Lee and I wanted somewhere to watch them all at once, and not have to open them on my computer.  ha
TOTALLY forgot to post this with our 4th of July visit with the Marquez fam. Watch Sami teasing Macie! :) LOVE!!!
She's a little riske' trying on my lingerie. She LOVES trying on clothes!
One of Macie's famous lines is to say "Da-gooda gooda gooda" when something is yummy. Here it is on video.
Bouncing with her favorite friend! Little pink bear!
Making a sensory bottle
FUN at the children's museum! Busy busy girl!
Macie ADORES her Grampy. She loves to point to pictures on the fridge and around the house and name the people in them. She sees a picture on the side of the fridge with Grampy and says "OGGOGOOGA". That is how she says Grampy. He always tickles her and says "Ooooga Booga" so that's what she calls him. Listen and she says it. :) SOOOO Cute!
Momma had girls night so this was our BUSY girl with daddy one night...
Macie and her buddy Liam. They are the same child I swear, just one is a girl and one is a boy. I just ADORE that boy. He is so missed in Montana!
Sprinkler play
LOVE the splash pad!
Sidewalk chalk!
Daddy's video
swingy swingy
Blowing Bubbles
Macie LOVES to stand up and fall on the bed!
Macie signing!!!
Macie crazy at church!
SiLLY screaming Macie
Macie is notorious for shaking her booty Here's proof
Barely walking...
Here Mommy flips out when she walks!
Silly Macie discovering dirt
Macie LOVES to clean!

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