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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jenny's wedding!

We'd been anticipating the big day for over a year!  We got to help with some of the preparations and were excited the big day was finally here!  We were thrilled to celebrate with Jennifer and Jason!
Getting her hair did!  Autumn is my hair girl and she did Jennifer's and my hair! :)  It turned out so pretty!
Cute accessories
The back!
Adding the veil!
Katey's hair
Pretty bride!
My fabulous friend Janette from Aetna, is a make-up artist and did all of our make up!  She's amazing and has such a knack for this.  She should NOT be a wellness counselor.  She should be a makeup artist and stylist!
Jane's not so sure about the colors. :)
Pretty romantic bride!
Katey looks smashing!
My base make up on, but no eyes or lips yet.  This is when you look "Dead" according to Janette!  Love her!
Jenny and her MOH
Waiting for the ceremony.  Emma and Tyler, flower girls
Macie was still not feeling well and was kinda fussy. :(
That's my girl!
Looking out!
Daddy waiting to walk with Macie
The excited groom!
Mothers of the bride and groom
Katey and her hubby
Here come the girls
And Macie before she made her exit with Daddy :)

Jennifer with her dad (on the left) and Tommy (right)

Beaming Bride
They're hitched!
Pouty babe :)
Our best attempt at a family picture! ha!

Crazy Aunt Kylie and Kitty Tyler
Love this girl!
How sweet!
Before she left for the night with our friends!
Tommy and Jane

Gotta mess it up.  Ugh



Perks of living in the same city of the wedding, while the rest live out of state?  You get to keep all the flowers!   (And the cake!)

Practice hair with the bride!

 What a beautiful day! :)



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