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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Macie's baby dedication

We were blessed to dedicate Macie Faith on May 19, 2013 at our baby dedication service at church.  It basically means that we come before our congregation to dedicate our baby to Jesus and raising her to know Him.  I had been excited and thrilled to share our story of how God brought our precious girl to us, through our journey to adoption. 
What a wonderful testimony of God's faithfulness to share with the rest of our church family! 
Pastor Bill sharing what it means to dedicate a child

Our slide with her birthday and the meaning of her name

Pastor Bill asking us to share about our precious miracle

I'd rehearsed what I wanted to say for so long and I couldn't get it out!  Ha

Other families share

Praying over our kiddos.

My baby laid her head on my shoulder (NEVER HAPPENS!)


Happy Mama!


Happy Mama
Here are the videos... If you are viewing from email, click the TOONE FAMILY JOURNEY link at the bottom at the email...
Here is the video of us dedicating our Macie to Jesus.
This is a little video of me sharing about Macie. :)
It was really neat, we got to stand up there with two other families who have adopted from China! Here is one of the videos... This little girl's name is sooo significant. "Torah" for her old life and promise (Old Testament) and "Grace" for God's new covenant and promise.

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